Holistic Home or Office Organizing

Do you feel comfortable, happy and productive in your home or office? If not, maybe you could use a hand--and an intuitive eye and ear to listen, look, and help get your space to a more harmonious state. 

Your outer environment in many ways reflects your inner state of being. Just as you may get stuck in other areas of your life (think: health, nutrition, career, exercise, relationships...), so can your living or working space become blocked, and in turn, prevent you from feeling at ease in the places you spend so much time. Reevaluating, clearing, and reorganizing your space can open up your life in new ways, creating room and energy for the things you really want to do or manifest.

  • Do you have a vortex or black hole in your home that always seems to accumulate too much stuff?
  • Do you have too much stuff EVERYWHERE?
  • Can you never get to the bottom of piles of papers?
  • Do you crave beauty and order but find it impossible to achieve in your space?

In Holistic Organizing and Clutter Clearing, we take a close look at what's in your physical environment that's creating disorder or blocked energy--and what challenges you emotionally, mentally, or spiritually when you try to change it. 

Together we'll get to the bottom of what's not working and why, so that we can figure out how to create an environment you'll love and be able to maintain after we're finished working together.

An excess of stuff just drains your energy! Holistic Clutter Clearing is a process of releasing old, stagnant energy and bringing in new energy into your life and work. Like doing a gentle detox, we will rid your space of excess stuff you don't need or care about, flushing out junk and bringing in fresh, new energy to your home or workspace. We'll do this at a pace you can manage and with measurable, achievable tasks so that you can have some fun and take care of yourself in the process. You'll come away feeling more comfortable at home or work, and also with yourself.

And by the way: I will not judge you! I totally understand the attachment to things and how easy it is to stick with what's familiar even if it's not working. I've been there, and I still go there sometimes! My goal is to understand why you're holding onto stuff or why you can't get organized, and to compassionately challenge and encourage you to let go of what's not needed. Then, we rearrange, create new storage or organizing systems, and set up ways for you to keep your new environment in good shape.  

Contact me to set up a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to see if Holistic Organizing and Clutter Clearing makes sense for you.

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