What Clients Are Saying


"Having a session with Donna feels like "coming home" to my body... gentle, powerful, and deeply nourishing, it helps me to shed layers and layers of stuff and reconnect with the ease underneath."

--Rosa Zubizaretta, social worker

"I had no idea that my life was about to change by meeting Donna. I had a history of an auto-immune disorder with chronic lower back and hip pain every day. After my session, I had more energy than I have felt in years. The pain and fatigue were gone and I felt invigorated. I have gone months without my chronic daily pain returning. I am deeply grateful to Donna and recommend her highly skilled treatment method wholeheartedly to anyone looking to get to the bottom of a chronic health issue and turn it around."

--Maureen Wheeler, health educator

"Acupressure sessions with Donna are extremely relaxing and opening. The true magic in her work shines as I experience the cumulative benefits for days."

--Christopher Sherwood, financial services

“My experiences with Donna's unique style of Acupressure have been powerful and spiritually deep. We unblocked something that connected me to a deeper creative energy and allowed me to effortlessly let go of some old experiences that needed to be released. I am grateful to you for holding the space so steadily and lightly. I have permanently shifted to a more positive and energized place. I hope many other people get to experience Process Acupressure with you—WOW!”

--Irene Walsh, singer/filmmaker

"I’m a muscular, athletic man and wasn’t sure how such a light touch could really penetrate my body. But it was amazing. During the session, I felt deeply relaxed, and afterward, I felt rejuvenated and recharged. The terrible shoulder pain and neck cramps were relieved and within a day the pain was completely gone. Subsequent sessions also helped relieve constipation and return my digestion to normal. This is a great alternative to medication or painkillers, which is what I have turned to in the past."

-–Anthony Grillo, finance manager


"I want to thank you for your help when I was diagnosed with Graves Disease five years ago. You started me on my road to recovery and I'm still using techniques and recipes you shared with me. I'm now completely off medication for Graves and allergies, and full-time gluten-free, as I focus on taking care of my immune system as part of my daily routine. I have also since completed an intensive 2 year graduate program--something I couldn't have done without first getting my immune system under control and having stress-management systems in place! So THANK YOU!"

--R. Reeves, art director

"Working with you gave me the motivation and tools to make lasting changes in my eating, shopping, and cooking habits. I don’t skip meals anymore and I know what to eat for snacks, so my energy is a lot steadier during the day—no more “crashing”! You challenged me to look at my “stuff” in a way that felt warm and compassionate. I now have a much deeper understanding of what really supports me to lead a truly healthy life."

--Ruth Herzlinger, creative arts specialist

"Working with Donna as my Health Coach helped me define what was blocking me from moving forward in certain areas of my life. With her guidance, I was able to make changes in my personal and professional life, develop tools that keep me accountable to myself and take action toward my goals. I now have a much greater sense of purpose and well-being."

--Heather Hudak, health coach

"The six months I spent with Donna truly changed my life. Years of doctors' visits and medications were not significantly improving my health problems, and I was scared and frustrated. Donna was a wonderful inspiration to me. She assessed my needs and created a plan of action to ensure that all areas would be addressed. She gave me practical resources as well as emotional and spiritual support to get on the right track for healthy living.

Donna helped me discover foods I was sensitive to and find substitutes that I really enjoy eating. She taught me how to shop better, created menus with me, and made sure I knew how to prepare my food. Diet changes and nutritional supplementation improved the symptoms of acid reflux and lessened my chronic coughing and inflammation. My energy and positive outlook returned. 

Having an outlet to discuss personal issues that I was not addressing elsewhere allowed me to listen to my internal wisdom and be kinder to myself. Donna helped me to lift heavy burdens and make more balanced choices in my emotional life. I will always be grateful for her tremendous heart and her extraordinary expertise in human wellness.

--Valerie Payton Newburn, teacher


Donna's teaching is easy to follow, knowledgeable and caring. Her Chakra Tai Chi class is better than excellent!

--Vera J. Reale

Chakra Tai Chi is so much easier for me to do than seated meditation. I felt a glow and a flow of energy almost immediately. Donna is a terrific teacher! She was so clear and so willing to explain things until we understood them. She was patient and kind.

--Participant in Chakra Tai Chi class

Donna is an excellent instructor. I really mean it – a beautiful human being. I liked the spiritual and healing aspect of her class.

--Participant in Chakra Tai Chi class

Donna offered us great tools for relaxation in this hectic world!

--ID, social worker

Donna's nutrition workshops were excellent. I learned to cook better for my children, and made changes to eat better myself. I now make our meals healthier by cooking spinach or green vegetables with eggs and putting fresh fruit in plain yogurt. I use sea salt now instead of table salt, and my kids are learning to love brown rice!

--Joselyn Fernandez, parent

I was surprised by how much I learned in Donna's healthy cooking classes. One evening, my brother and his family were visiting. I cooked the way Donna taught me and they were amazed that the snow peas were so delicious. I even taught my sister the secret! She told me last week that her family is very happy with their new meals. Thank you for the opportunity!

--Po Lan Ko, family services provider

Thank you for a very moving and wonderful class--I can already feel more relaxed! I love having such a fun and easy way to help myself with the stresses of daily life.

  --Michelle, musician & parent 

Learning about the “excess baggage” point will assist me when I feel stressed at work. The Seva Stress Release reminds me to take time between clients and not rush through my day without taking a break.

--SD, social worker

The Seva Stress Release workshop was great! Donna’s knowledge shines through in her clear presentation, and the practical hands on work helped me really learn the technique.

--JR, retired.

Donna is an excellent teacher – patient, calm, and lots of smiles!

--BK, retired teacher.

The mind-body connection was an eye opener! I learned so much about myself.

--PM, retired social worker.