What Is Power Life Balance?


Acupressure and reiki are rooted in the concept of balance. The goal is to reestablish the balance and flow of a client's inherent energy to promote self-healing and restore vitality. We also bring awareness to those areas of energy to allow deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us. Thus, we can sustain a healthful balance in all areas of life and think creatively about every new situation we face.  

Balance is also at the center of health and nutrition consulting. My goal is to find what is nourishing and sustainable for each client's unique complexity of biology, emotions, and life circumstances, and help you set up your life to function optimally.


Power is not necessarily distinct from balance. In my experience, both healing from illness and setting my life up well have required tenacity and an energy that at times feels like a battle. Not to be dramatic, but yes, I do mean "fighting for your life" -- in my case not against imminent death (gratefully) but for a meaningful, joyful, healthful, abundant life. This requires a powerful approach, and it also builds power.  

We have so many ways of thinking about power (as freedom, as control, as physical strength). For me, it means staying aware of your possibilities (which are limitless), being open to change (since it's happening every moment), making choices that make sense (based on your best thinking), and not giving up.  


This is the one you've got in this moment. Mindfulness, gratitude, compassion all go a long way under many circumstances.


I think of it as ferocious living for gentle people. The full spectrum of life's experiences, colors, textures, feelings -- and a deep connection to the earth, the universe, and your own highest good. 

  • Anything that makes you feel powerful or empowered
  • Staying centered and grounded through life’s changes
  • Nourishing all the key areas of your life
  • Finding and using resources and tools to stay healthy
  • Making powerful decisions and taking decisive actions for your own well-being